Iron Ore Fines, CLO, Calinbrated Iron Ore

Rock366 : Day 101 : Iron Ore
Rock366 : Day 101 : Iron Ore (Photo credit: Hypocentre)
 Iron Ore Fines, Calibrated Iron Ore, CLO, India

With the turmoil in the iron ore mining sector which also affected the other miningbusiness in India, most of the companies which were dependent on raw iron ore whether its lumps or fines, are facing the worst situation.

Today it can be noted the price of domestic iron ore is higher than the imported iron ore.  The reason behind this is mainlythe procedure which the procuring company has to follow along with the shortage and delay in supply from the miners. High processing cost also supports the price rise.
Most of the companies, who require iron ore fines or lumps as their base raw material, like sponge iron manufacturers, pig iron units and sintering units, all are searching for the options to import iron ore from other countries in the cheapest way it is possible.
We are also extending our services in sourcing and shipping Calibrated Iron Oreand iron Ore Fines on CNF terms for bulk quantities. The grades we arrange is mainly 63 percent Fe content to 65 percent iron content.
The Iron Ore Lump sizes are 10mm to 40mm and iron ore fines size is 00mm to 10mm. The iron ore source are from South Africa, Ukraine, Thailand, Russia etc.
Interested clients may contact us for more details with their authentic and valid requirement.
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– Fe : 65%
Tumbler Index : 85+
– Size : 5mm to 20mm
– SiO2 : 2% to 3%
– Al2O3 : 2%
– P : 0.040%
– S : 0.025%
– Contamination : 10%
– Fines : 5%
– Laterite : NIL
– Over Size : 10%
– Under Size : 5%
– LOI : 2%
– Quantity : 8000MT present Stock
– Price : Rs.6900/MT Ex Plot
– Taxes extra and as applicable
– Location / Origin : Sawantwadi / Sindhudurg Distt,MS
– Payment Terms : Advance along with order

Kindly Note
– Stock offer is subjected to availability
– Price and payment terms are non negotiable
– Transport to be arranged by buyer
– Material is 100% legal with all valid documents

We require confirmed Purchase Order stating the acceptance of the price and payment terms along with other mentioned specs.