Bauxite Ore Crusher | Mobile Crusher on Rent

Mobile Crusher on Rent available for Crushing Bauxite Ore

Portable Mobile crushers are available of capacity 100 TPH and 200 TPH

Monthly crushing : min 20,000MT to 1,00,000MT max

We under take crushing job work for Bauxite Ore or any other minerals for quantity min 20,000Mt and contract period of min 1 year.

All crushers are latest model and are operated on diesel genset. Our well qualified staff is capable of handling and maintain the crushers and this in return helps us to achieve the crushing target required by our clients.


bauxite ore crushing plant


Working hours : 10 Hrs to 16 hrs


If you have any requirement, do contact us



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BHQ Ore Lumps, Banded Hametite Quartz

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BHQ Lumps

Branded Hematite Quartz Iron Ore Lumps for Sale

We supply BHQ Lumps and boulder on regular terms from Goa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The specification of the BHQ lumps is as below

BHQ Lumps

Quantity : 25,000Mt to 50,000Mt every month
Sizes : available as per buyer’s demand

Interested buyer may contact for more details.
To mail us CLICK HERE
Call us : +91-97 455 27 006

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