Available Silica Sand of purity 99.5% ( Natural)

We offer Natural Silica Sand which is suitable for various products manufacturing and industries. The Natural Silica Sand offered by us is double screened; all the impurities like organic and iron oxides along with aluminum oxides are removed. The screening maintains the accuracy in mesh size.
The natural silica sand is washed and dried before supplying to the clients.
Size available 30 mesh to 80 mesh.
Silica Content ( SiO2) : 98% to 99.5%
Al2O3 : 0.62%
Ferric Oxide : 0.02%
TiO2 : 0.01%
LOI : 0.16%
Color : offset white
Utilization: Can be used in industries for manufacturing refractories, Sand Blasting, Ramming Mass, Pesticides, Oil Drilling, Paint industry, detergent, soap, safety matches, construction, chemicals, abrasives, acid proof flooring, Road works.