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We are service providers for Coal Screening in India. Coal screening is done vibrating screen which includes various sizes of sieve decks for screening different sizes. The coal is sieved by passing through these screen decks of sieves or meshes. The sieved material from the particular deck falls on the attached conveyor which stock piles the end products.

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We mostly use power screens or indigenous built vibrator screens for screening coal. Power screens are Track Mounted whereas the indigenous built and fabricated screens are either wheel mounted or mounted on skids (semi mobile)

The screening sieves can be changed or modified according to the end product required.  The coal screening service provided by us is raw coal screening, in which the raw coal is screened to fines /dust and other required sizes of the available raw coal.
Our high quality screening units / power screens are capable of screening 100 tons per hour to 200 tons per hour. The screening / production capacity depends upon the density of the coal. With low density of coal the screening / production will decline.
For your coal screening solution, do contact us, we will assists you with best coal screening solution in very competitive rates.

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Coal Screening Equipments and Rental Services

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Coal Screening Services
We provide complete coal screening solutions. Our services include handling of coal, screening of coal and transporting to required destination.
Our screening services consist of new generation horizontal screens with multiple stage screening decks. The screening equipments are portable mobile screenersand don’t require any installation. These screeners can be installed at the coal stock sites and saves time and money.
Our screening units are available with the screening capacity of
a)    50 tons per hours
Anthracite coal, a high value rock from easter...
Anthracite coal, a high value rock from eastern Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

b)    100 Tons per hours

c)    150 tons per hour
The coal feed sizes which screener can be fed are
1)    40mm
2)    100mm
3)    150mm
The screening equipment consists of vibrators screening decks, supporting devices and conveyors which operate on its own power backed by diesel generators.
Interested clients do contact us for more details

A coal mine in Wyoming, United States. The Uni...
A coal mine in Wyoming, United States. The United States has the world’s largest coal reserves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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