Exports of Fly Ash from India

English: Ash lagoon, West Pans. Once a waste p...
Ash lagoon, West Pans. Once a waste product, fly ash from coal fired power stations is now used by several industries. It is stored here prior to being carried away. Picture shows the deposits being quarried and sprinklers for keeping the ash wet (possibly to prevent it turning to a hard stone). Further west in NT3473 and NT3573, the ash has been dumped forming new land, some of which is a nature reserve. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fly Ash for Cement Works | F Class

Fly Ash F Class as per ASTM C 618, for Sale, India, Ready stocks, FOR, FOB

Fly Ash Suppliers

Fly Ash , Fly ash Bricks, Fly ash Bulkers

We are supplying fly ash from power plants located in Goa and Maharashtra

The specifications of the Fly Ash we supply are as below

1.Fe2O3 : 60% to 70%

2.Fe ( T ) : 38% to 48%

3.FeO : 2.62%

4.Specific Gravity : 3.9 to 4.2 g/cm3


•600 microns : 30% to 40%

•300 microns : 35% to 45%

•above 150 microns : 5% to 10%

•Below 150 microns : 96% to 98%

Quantity available as per buyer’s demand

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Fly Ash

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