Laterite Boulders supplier for cement factory

Laterite Lumps and Boulders

Laterite Lumps for cement and construction works

Abandoned laterite quarry at Angadipuram, Kera...
Abandoned laterite quarry at Angadipuram, Kerala, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are supplying laterite boulders from Goa and Maharashtra region suitable for cement factories, road filling and other construction works.

We supply laterite in sizes as required by buyer.
Laterite for cement plants, road constructions and filling purpose

Laterite is a residual ferruginous rock,commonly found in tropical regions and has close genetic association with bauxite.It is a highly weathered material, rich in secondary oxides of iron,aluminium or both. It is either hard or capable of hardening on exposure to moisture and drying.

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Laterite bricks quarry in koovery
Laterite bricks quarry in koovery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Iron Ore Lumps of Fe 52%

Iron Ore of Fe 52% is available on regular supplies from India on FOR and FOB Terms
Iron Ore Loading
The Typical specification of the iron ore is as below
·         Fe 52%
·         Quantity : 45,000MT
·         Stock Ready
·         Location : West Coast India
Chemical Specifications
·         SiO2 : 12%
·         Al2O3 : 7%
·         P : 0.035%
·         S : 0.10%
Physical Standards
·         10mm to 40mm : 80%
·         Under Size : 10%
·         Over Size : 5%
·         Dust and Fines :  10%
·         Impurities : 10% max
Moisture ; 12%
First Shipment within 30 Days. Regular shipment of 45K per month is possible.
For more details do write to us

Iron Ore Fe 48% Ready Stocks

We are in position to supply iron ore of Fe content 48% as per details mention below

  • Fe :  48%
  • Rejection below : 47%
  • SiO2 : 14%
  • Al2O3 : 7%
  • S: 0.040%
  • P : 0.025%
Size : 00mm to 10mm: 90%
Quantity available : 50,000Mt every month
First Shipment with in 30- 45 days from the receipt of payment instrument
Regular shipment is available
The moisture content is min 12% 
We also supply ROM of Fe 48% on daily supply terms. Ready quantity can be possible against confirmed orders.
If you have any requirement, kindly do contact us 
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