High Density / High Specific Gravity Iron Ore Powder for Sale

high density iron ore for drilling work, iron ore powder of 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh
High Density Iron Ore 200 mesh Powder

Hematite iron ore high density, Hematite iron ore of high specific gravity
Hematite Iron Ore of High Density

  • 50-100 Mesh : 1000 Mt
  • 150 Mesh : 1000 Mt
  • 200 Mesh : 400 to 600 Mt
  • 300 Mesh : 400 Mt
  • 325 Mesh : 300-400 Mt

Origin : INDIA 

Stone Mining Services and Aggregate Crushing

Stone Mining Services / Contract Mining services

We service providers for Stone Mining: in India. Our services includes, mine development, drilling, excavation, production of stone / rock required for aggregates and GSB.

Stone Mining Euipments Rental Services
Stone Mines, Stone Quarries, Drilling work, Raising, excavation services

We undertake job work of stone / Rock mining on contract basis which should not be less than one year.

We also provide mining equipments like Drillers, Boring Machines, Excavating equipments, loaders, feeders etc on monthly rental basis.
Other equipments include, mobile crushing units, mobile screening equipments, mobile breakers etc.

For more details do write to us.