Available Crushers for Crushing Construction Waste / Construction Rubble

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This machine grinds down large chunks of concrete and waste building material into hardcore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Construction waste processing Crushing Units

Recyclingand processed Construction waste can be reused effectively as building material. The recycling of construction waste like gravel, concrete waste, bricks, tiles, etc can be crushed in crusher to obtain valuable material which can be reused as filling base, concrete base etc.
Our crushers are capable of crushing all types of construction waste. We provide portable mobile crushers for crushing the waste material at site. Our job work includes, installation of portable mobile crusher at the construction waste site, crushing, operations, fuel, maintenance and handling.

We provide crushers these crushers on rent and charge on per ton crushing rates. We can operate at site for min 8 hrs per day to 20 hrs per day if two operation shifts ( day /night ) is available.

These crushers acquire very less space and since it can be easily transported to site, it saves lots of other charges like transporting, heaping, stocking etc. The crusher can be set at the stock site and feeding can be done directly with the help of excavators. No extra permission for these portable mobile crushers is required.

The crushing capacities available with these crushers are ranging from 100 TPH to 250 TPH max. Feed size can be fed up to 300 mm for 100 TPH crusher and 400 mm  for 200 TPH crusher. We are interested in long term crushing contracts.

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