Portable Crusher / Mobile Crusher Rental Services in India

Stone crusher
Stone crusher (Photo credit: Scania Group)

 Mobile Crusher / Portable Crusher on Rent

Our services includes crushing and screening of rock, stone, coal, iron ore, bauxite ore, limestone, quartz etc.

Portable crusher on hire for crushing coal, stone, basalt, minerals, iron ore, bauxite ore

Most the crushers are available with inbuilt diesel generators and the crushing monthly crushing charges includes
5.   Screening
The Crushing charges depend on the productionsizes. If the production is of single size then the production of the crusher will be more in comparison to the production of two or three or more size production.
VSI crusher
VSI crusher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mobile Crushers are available for single stage mobile crusher, which includes jaw crushers, impactors and cone crushers.
Two stage crushers include set of two crushers, like jaw and cone or jaw and Impactor depending upon the feed size and the required production sizes.
Maximum of the mobile crushers are track mountedand some are also available with wheel mounted
For any queries or requirements, do contact us.

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High Bulk Density Iron Ore and High Specific Gravity Iron Ore

We are regular suppliers of Iron Ore of High Specific Gravity and High Bulk Density.

For details check the below test reports

High Specific Gravity iron Ore
Iron Ore Aggregate of High Specific Gravity

high Specific Gravity Iron Ore lumps and fines for small to large counterweight, radiation shielding, ballast, and other needs requiring heavy weight environmental friendly products.

For Specification click on the test report below

 Complete details are available in these test reports for the high bulk density as well as high specific gravity iron ore

Click on the images to see the enlarged picture.

For More Details call us at : +91- 97 45527 006
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Laterite Boulders supplier for cement factory

Laterite Lumps and Boulders

Laterite Lumps for cement and construction works

Abandoned laterite quarry at Angadipuram, Kera...
Abandoned laterite quarry at Angadipuram, Kerala, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are supplying laterite boulders from Goa and Maharashtra region suitable for cement factories, road filling and other construction works.

We supply laterite in sizes as required by buyer.
Laterite for cement plants, road constructions and filling purpose

Laterite is a residual ferruginous rock,commonly found in tropical regions and has close genetic association with bauxite.It is a highly weathered material, rich in secondary oxides of iron,aluminium or both. It is either hard or capable of hardening on exposure to moisture and drying.

If you have any require mail us CLICK HERE
 Ph: +91- 97 455 27 006
Laterite bricks quarry in koovery
Laterite bricks quarry in koovery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Mining Equipments on Rent and Earth Moving Equipments on Rent

English: Mining equipment in Grängesberg
English: Mining equipment in Grängesberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: 2006: Russia; Mining equipment in Mez...
English: 2006: Russia; Mining equipment in Mezhdurechensk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We provide services of providing mining equipments on rent.

Following is the list of equipments which is possible on monthly rental basis;

4. Excavators

5. JCBs

6. Mobile Crushers

8. Dumpers / Tippers

10. Off Highway Dumper 35 Tonner

We also undertake entire mining work on contract basis. Before providing mining machinery on rent or taking mining work on contract, we require the attested copies of mines ML copy and royalty paid attested copies. The pollution clearance should be in place along with all valid licenses.

We also provide mining equipments on sale, mainly used second hand machinery.

Heavy mining equipments and earth moving equipments are available on monthly rental basis.

Separately we also provide mining logistics works, like transporting the mined material to crusher’s points / screening plot or to the stocking plots, mainly internal movement. Logistic Services for transporting processed mined cargo to port is also available

For more details, do write to us
Click here to mail us

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Mill Scale Suppliers / Exporters

Mill Scale is regularly exported from India in Container loads as well as in Break bulk shipments. The orders accepted are of 1000 Mt and above.

Ready stock mill scale, shipments, mill scale specification, mill scale uses
Mill Scale

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    Mill Scale Supply Services | Gandhidham / Kandla, Goa

    Mill Scale FOR Terms India

    FOR Gandhidham / Kandla / Goa

    Mill Scale, Fe Content, 68%, 70%, Ready stock, Gandhidham, Kandla, FOR, Daily delivery, Supply, Exports, Port Delivery, Transport, LC, against delivery

    Service providers for sourcing, transporting and port handlingOur services includes sourcing directly from steel mills / factories in India, stocking them at private plots and supplying to the nearest port by road

    Supply of Mill Scale is resuming to all major and minor ports in India. Trucks loaded with mill scale collected from various stock yards are dispatched to nearest ports like Gandhidham / Kandla, Haldia, Vizag, etc. Mostly in demand is mill scale of grade 68% Fe content and above and most ideal is 70% Fe Content which is base parameter for exports of mill scale from India. The size in demand is 00mm to 10mm with lowest under size and free from any impurities. 

    Mostly the mill scale mixed with impurities like oil and grease are always rejected. Exporters are also not interested in any mill scale which is in powdered form like 150 microns or can say, below 00mm. Its very tough to handle the undersize material and also results in huge wastage and spills while transporting and stocking. The mill scale is recovered from bilges of steel rolling mills in India and stocked either at factory premises or is shifted to private yard. Steel mills produce very small quantity of mill scale as it’s a byproduct of steel factories or mills.

    We are service providers for sourcing and supplying of mill scale from steel factories / mills in India. Our services includes, sourcing, stocking, transporting and port handling of the material. 

    Quality and Quantity is subjected and final by third party analyzing company approved by client. In case you are looking for such services, kindly do contact us. Chemical and physical standards will be equivalent to export parameters.

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    Bauxite Ore Fines | Sales and Services

    Bauxite Ore of Origin India, Ready stock, Loaded on Ship, FOB terms, FOR terms, Daily dumping, RTGS, Jaigad Port, Loaded on Rake, Okha Port, Porbander

    Bauxite Ore Fines

    BauxiteOre Fines available as per details mention below
    1.    Al2O3 Content : 45%, 46%, 48%, and 50%
    2.    Size : 00mm to 10mm
    3.    Quantity : minimum 10,000Mt to 50,000Mt
    4.    Origin : Gujarat and Maharashtra (INDIA)
    5.    Nearest Port : West CoastIndia Ports
    6.    First Shipment : within 30days
    The Bauxite Ore fines is produced during the screening of Bauxite Ore Lumps in crushers. The quality of the bauxite ore is strictly as per the standards mentioned above.
    Prices will be subjected to the quality and quantity of the bauxite ore
    Interested buyers do contact us for more details

    Bauxite Ore Suppliers, Mine Owners, Ready Stocks

    Bauxite Ore | Suppliers and Service Providers

    Bauxite Ore from India

    Bauxite Ore

    Suppliers and Trading Company

    Bauxite Ore (Al2O3) is available as per following details

    Al2O3 : 46% and 48%

    Size : 00mm to 200mm

    Origin : West Coast INDIA

    First Shipment with in 40 Days

    Quantity : 50,000Mt every month

    Loading Port : West Coast India Ports

    Do contact us with your complete details of requirement

    We supply on FOR Terms, Loaded on Rakes Terms, Along Side Vessel Terms, Loaded on Buyers Trucks

    For more details, do write to us.

    Mining Equipments | RENT & HIRE Services in INDIA

    Mining Equipments | Rental and Hiring Services

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    Iron Ore Mining and Screening Services

    Iron Ore Mining, Screening, Crushing and Transport services

    The Iron Ore industry is vast industry which is operated in the major Iron Ore producing countries in world. We have active staff and machinery which reduces the time and save money for iron ore production.

    The mining machinery includes, drillers, jack hammers, breakers, excavators etc which along with the staff capable of mining daily minimum 500mt to 4000mt depending upon the permitted limits and geographical location. We also provide services for mine development by removing overburden, developing internal temporary roads. Also handles overburden management by dumping it at planned location / sites.

    Our services post mining includes transporting the mined material to the crushing and screening units and finally transporting the end finished product to the nearby stock yards. The crushing and screening is done with help of portable mobile crushers and screening equipments.

    The entire handling is managed under one roof by us

    If you have any requirement of above services, do contact us