Iron Ore Mining in Goa may face export Ban to curb illegal mining

Iron Ore miners are searching for possibilities of supplying iron ore to domestic markets. With the ongoing inspection by Justice Shah and his team, reporting many several anomalies by the miners, most of the mine owners fear that the panel might impose Karnataka like ban on Iron Ore Exports.
Justice Shah has earlier informed that ban on iron ore could be recommended. The final recommendations will be submitted by the end of this month.
The possibilities are more that the ban can be into effect after the recommendation is submitted by the panel. The panel has accused the State Government of not acting seriously on controlling the illegal mining of 48 million tons in the year 2010-2011 with in the radius 30 Km. Huge minerals were transported and were completely ignored for any check on illegal mining.
If the a complete ban is imposed, the immediate effect will be on the regular local people who are connected to mines in terms of job, transportation or other related works. This can create a major effect on the economy of the state.

Illegal Mining from Goa and Details of Mining in Goa

The Iron Ore mining in Goa has become the highest political issue in Goa and in the Country. With the senior political personals noted in the scam, the present Government in Goa is facing a heat from the opposition to handle the situation.
Most of the mines in Goa are handled by the private parties dominated by the powerful families. There are top four miners in Goa and they are SESA Goa, Chowgules, Timblos and Salgaocars who all together accounts the 85% of Goa’s Mining Industries. Except Sesa Goa, there are no financial figures details of any miners available.
Illegal mining in Goa was only possible with the help of senior politicians, forest department, police and other Government bodies in relation to mining activity in the state.
In year 1987, the Parliament abolished the mining concession given to the miners by the Portuguese and brought the new law of Goa, Daman and Diu Mining Act. The miners in Goa challenged the Act in the Bombay High Court and later in Supreme Court. The matter is still pending and only 500 miners were permitted to continue with their mining activity.
In the year 1988, the miners were asked to apply for renewal of their mining licenses and extent the lease for next ten years. At present only 336 mines are legal in Goa.
The MoEF department issued the clearance to 169 mines in the year 2005 to 2009 and doesn’t have a copy of even a single clearance. This shows in how much hurry the clearances were issued. The maximum of the permissions allotted when A.Raja was environment minister.
No one is in favor of complete ban on mining in State. Everyone knows that the total halt in mining activity can result in lots of other major problems. The worst hits will the truck drivers, local villagers who do various jobs in mining activity.

Iron Ore Exports will drop from Goa

The export of Iron Ore from Goa, India may drop this year due to the strict rule and regulation introduced by the Government after the investigation by Shah Commission which is appointed by Supreme Court of India.
Lots of mines in Goa are already served with suspension notices. The State Government has already restricted the export of Old dumps of Iron Ore in Goa. The old dumps are huge stocks of low grade iron ore which are lying near mining sites or private plots in Goa.
These heaps and mountains of iron ore were created when only high grade iron ore was sourced from Goa. Now these dumps are being exported as these dumps fetch good international values.
The CM of Goa is already facing the charges of abetting illegal mining in Goa. After the submission of the Shah Commission report the party head will decide whether CM will lead the Congress as Chief Minister in the coming elections.
PAC (Public Account Committee0 has already provided Shah Commission with the material evidence of illegal mining in the state. Goa, with only five percent of the total reserves of iron Ore exports the forty percent of total iron ore export from India.
Last Financial year Goa has exported fifty four million tons of iron ore from the state.