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Waste Dumps Of Iron Ore

Iron Ore Waste Dumps for Sale

The waste dumps of Iron Ore is stocks of rejected iron ore which has been stocked over years due to its low grade of Iron Content ( Fe Content) or due to other impurities.

The stocks are huge and are lying on open land without any securities in villages. The rejection iron ore waste dumps are also available in some factories and officially they sell it to the local traders or exporters.
Most of the mines rejected iron ore waste dumps are over burden of the mines or quarry which have been stocked as per plan of handling the waste. It was earlier compulsory for the mine owner / miner ( or the company dumping the mines rejected iron ore / mines rejection / over burden) to do the proper plantation on the dump to avoid the soil erosion. The soil erosion from these dumps are the biggest issue in the location and villages where the dumps are stocked.
If the proper plantation is not done on the dumps, the soil erosion from these dumps contaminate the water table as well as the water following the rivers in monsoon and the silt from these erosion of waste dumps pollute the agricultural land.

To avoid such situations, most of the State Government now has carried out the survey of these dumps and survey number are allotted to each dumps. The purpose of such exercise is to auction the waste dumps. Once the purchaser is awarded with the sales of the particular dump, the purchasing company has to clear certain documentation formalities like, royalties, pollution clearance, transport permissions etc.

The purchaser can later transport the waste dumps rejections to their own yard, where they can process the waste dumps into recoverable and salable iron ore.

The waste dumps mainly consists of Low Iron content Iron Ore. The rough idea of the specification is as below

  1. Fe Content : 25% to 50% (can be above in certain cases)
  2. Al2O3 : 5% to 15%
  3. SiO2 : 4% to 15%
  4. Size : 00mm to 300

Quantity can be ranging from 1,00,000Mt to 5,00,000Mt in a single location. Waste dumps can be processed and the iron ore of economical value can be recovered. The recovery process is provided in our other articles available on line.

If you are interested in purchasing iron ore waste dumps officially, do contact us. We can provide you with complete assistance starting from wining the auction, arranging private stock yard, transportation, processing the waste dumps and handling the processed iron ore recovered from the waste dumps.

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Iron Ore Waste Dumps Auctions in Goa

Miramar view
Miramar view (Photo credit: fredericknoronha)
A boat carrying iron ore from a ship to the fa...


The Government of Goa has identified 37 leases of Iron Ore Waste Dumps which are occupying more than 250 hectares of government land. The land where the mining dumps ( Iron Ore waste Dumps) are stocked were never leased to the miners who dumped the mining waste.
The dumps below to major mining companies of Goa like Timblo, Fomento, Dempo Company, Salgaonkar Mining Industries, Sesa Goa, V D Chowgule, Rajaram Bandekar, D B Bandodkar and others.
India Goa iron-ore exports
India Goa iron-ore exports (Photo credit: fredericknoronha)
The State of Goa is the highest exporter of iron ore in India. The total geographical area of Goa is less than 1%  of the entire country. The iron ore which is exported from Goa is mainly low grades which is not having any utilization in India. The demand of low grade iron ore from China after year 2005 resulted in extensive mining in the state.
Most of the mines rejected iron ore dumps are located in Satari, Bicholim, and Sanguem talukas of Goa. The dumps are the main reason for pollution in water bodies and silting in the cultivated lands. During monsoon, the erosion from the mine rejection iron ore waste dumps pollutes the nearby water bodies.
Government is planning for auction of these dumps for the earliest removal and clears the useful land.

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