Bauxite Ore Crusher | Mobile Crusher on Rent

Mobile Crusher on Rent available for Crushing Bauxite Ore

Portable Mobile crushers are available of capacity 100 TPH and 200 TPH

Monthly crushing : min 20,000MT to 1,00,000MT max

We under take crushing job work for Bauxite Ore or any other minerals for quantity min 20,000Mt and contract period of min 1 year.

All crushers are latest model and are operated on diesel genset. Our well qualified staff is capable of handling and maintain the crushers and this in return helps us to achieve the crushing target required by our clients.


bauxite ore crushing plant


Working hours : 10 Hrs to 16 hrs


If you have any requirement, do contact us



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Iron Ore ROM Fe 40% to Fe 48% stock ready

Iron Ore ROM of Fe 40% to Fe 48% available as per details mention below

  1.  Fe Content : 40% to 48% ( all mix )
  2. Sizes : 00mm to 60mm ( 50% Fines and 50% Lumps)
  3. Material 100% legal with all valid documents for exports

    Iron Ore ROM from Goa
    Iron Ore ROM after Crushing and Screening Process


  5. Quantity : 1,00,000MT
  6. Available on Loaded on Barge Terms ( LOB ) at Goa
  7. Payment : Directly to the Miners in form of Demand Draft
  8. Prices : At very cheap and attractive prices ( Do contact us )
  9. Shipment of 50,000Mt can be possible in 10 days

Interested buyers do contact us for more details
 Offer is subjected to availability of stocks prior to sales.

Leave the comment below for more details,in the comment box
Call Us : +91 – 97 455 27 006

Iron Ore ROM Suppliers

Open Cast Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine of MSPL Li...
Open Cast Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine of MSPL Limited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dampier, Western Australia Iron Ore.
Dampier, Western Australia Iron Ore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
iron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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 Merchant Miners may face Royalty revision and Mineral Resource Tax
The government is expecting to revise the royalty rates on Iron Ore which is currently ten percent in the minerals rich state. The state of Orissa which has almost 35% of total Iron Ore reserves of India is also looking to impose the mineral resource rent to fifty percent on the guidelines on Australia which has announced the mineral resource rent of thirty percent which will be applicable on iron ore from July1, 2012.
The mining companies are making almost profit of eighty percent from mining and supplying iron ore from the iron ore rich state of Orissa. The government will use the extra royalty for development works and jobs.
The government sources believe that the royalty has to be revised along with the implementation of mineral resource tax. The profits made by merchants in iron ore industry is the highest in comparison to any other industry in India.