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Coal Crushers

Portable Mobile Coal Crushers

Rental and Crushing Services

Coal crushers are required for crushing coal lumps and boulders into required size, so that the coal can be fed into the furnace directly.
We undertake the job work of crushing coal into required sizes like 00mm to 20mm or as per client’s requirement. We have well qualified operators and latest crushing equipments with crushing capacity of minimum 100 Ton per hours to 200 ton per hours. The crushers / equipments can be run for minimum 8 hours to 20 hours regularly and this makes us to achieve the minimum required target of crushed coal by the client.
The coal crushing charges depends on the scope of work like for example, the quantity to be crushed every month, time period of the contract, size of the coal to be crushed, feeding into crusher will be provided by client or not and loading of the crushed coal required or not, transportation of the crushed coalrequired or not and location for the crushing work.
Coal Crusher Rental and Hiring Services
Clients do contact us with complete details of scope of work to calculate the costing.
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BHQ Ore Lumps, Banded Hametite Quartz

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BHQ Lumps

Branded Hematite Quartz Iron Ore Lumps for Sale

We supply BHQ Lumps and boulder on regular terms from Goa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The specification of the BHQ lumps is as below

BHQ Lumps

Quantity : 25,000Mt to 50,000Mt every month
Sizes : available as per buyer’s demand

Interested buyer may contact for more details.
To mail us CLICK HERE
Call us : +91-97 455 27 006

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Manganese Ore Fines (Concentrates) Available

Oreplus | Suppliers and Service providers of Iron Ore, Bauxite Ore, Manganese Ore, River Sand

Manganese Ore Fines Suppliers and Service Providers  

We are regularly supplying Manganese Ore Fines as per details mention below

  1. Commodity : Manganese Ore Fines (Washed)

  2. Size : 00mm to 1mm
  3. Mn Content : 20% to 24%
  4. Fe : 15% to 25%
  5. SiO2: 8%
  6. Manganese Ore
  7. Packing : Available both is loose as well as in PP Bags
  8. Color : Black
  9. Origin : Goa / Maharashtra / Karnataka ( INDIA)

The fines is triple washed and free from any other impurities.
Quantity Available : 3000MT to 30,000Mt every month.

If you have any requirement. do contact us.
Call us : +91 – 9745527006

Rock366 : Day 99 : Manganese Ore
Rock366 : Day 99 : Manganese Ore (Photo credit: Hypocentre)
Manganese ore
Manganese ore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Managnese Ore Packing Factory
Manganese Ore Fines ater washing at packing unit

Manganese Ore

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River Sand – Sizes and Qualities available

River sand is available in various sizes and quality. River Sand is firstly mined from the river, washed, sieved, tested and packed in bags or supplied in loose bulk.

In this process, various sizes of River Sand and Various Quality of river sand is recovered.

They are

    River Sand of all sizes and quality
    River Sand in various sizes
  1. Fine Sand : 0-1mm , mostly used for plastering work and othe masonry works in construction
  2. Standard River Sand : 1-4mm , mainly used in construction, concrete work and brick work.
  3. Coarse Sand : mainly used for concrete work


If you have any requirement, do write to us
Call us : +91 – 97 455 27 006

sand (Photo credit: geoffbarrattgeoff)