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Service providers for sourcing, transporting and port handlingOur services includes sourcing directly from steel mills / factories in India, stocking them at private plots and supplying to the nearest port by road

Supply of Mill Scale is resuming to all major and minor ports in India. Trucks loaded with mill scale collected from various stock yards are dispatched to nearest ports like Gandhidham / Kandla, Haldia, Vizag, etc. Mostly in demand is mill scale of grade 68% Fe content and above and most ideal is 70% Fe Content which is base parameter for exports of mill scale from India. The size in demand is 00mm to 10mm with lowest under size and free from any impurities. 

Mostly the mill scale mixed with impurities like oil and grease are always rejected. Exporters are also not interested in any mill scale which is in powdered form like 150 microns or can say, below 00mm. Its very tough to handle the undersize material and also results in huge wastage and spills while transporting and stocking. The mill scale is recovered from bilges of steel rolling mills in India and stocked either at factory premises or is shifted to private yard. Steel mills produce very small quantity of mill scale as it’s a byproduct of steel factories or mills.

We are service providers for sourcing and supplying of mill scale from steel factories / mills in India. Our services includes, sourcing, stocking, transporting and port handling of the material. 

Quality and Quantity is subjected and final by third party analyzing company approved by client. In case you are looking for such services, kindly do contact us. Chemical and physical standards will be equivalent to export parameters.

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We supply Mill Scale on regular supply terms basis of origin INDIA. The supplies are totally on either FOR terms to major India ports ( Plot /Yard ) or Loaded on Ship ( FOB Terms) . For the Containerised cargo, the handling charges are extra and depends on the agency fees and terminal handling.

The Mill Scale we supply consist of following specification

  • Fe Content : 68% to 70%
  • SiO2 : 3%
  • P : 0.040%

Size : 00mm to 10mm
Contamination : Min 10%
Quantity : min 10,000Mt in break bulk and 3000Mt to 5000Mt in Break Bulk

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