Bauxite Ore Supply | INDIA

Bauxite Ore 

Supply from West Coast of India

Grade : Al2O3 44% 

Supply directlyavailable from Mines PlotWe are service providers for supply of Bauxite Ore on Ex plot and FOR Terms at west coast of India. Supply is made through road to nearest ports located at west coast of India. Daily supply depends upon availability of transport and permissions.

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We supply Bauxite ore as per details mention below

  • Al2O3 : 44%
  • Rejection Level : below 42%
  • SiO2 : 10%to 12%
  • Fe2O3 : 12% to 15%
  • Size : 00mm to 150mm

Quality and Quantity final at loading point. Buyer should nominate their own analyzing agency for checking quality and quantity at loading point at their own cost.

Bauxite ore is available as per the terms and condition mention above. Quantity available minimum 40,000 Mt to 50,000 Per Month to 1,00,000 Mt Per Month. Interested clients do contact for more details. Bauxite ore of grade 44% is guaranteed along with rejection level of 42% Al2O3. Inspection and sampling possible for authentic and genuine buyers. We are regular suppliers of bauxite ore and our services includes sourcing, transporting and stocking of Bauxite Ore.

Fe Content 56% Iron Ore; Origin India

Iron Ore of Grade 56% Fe content of Origin India
Regualr Supply of Iron Ore of Grade Fe 56% is available as per details mention below
Iron Ore Stocking
  • ·         Fe : 56%
  • ·         Rejection Below : 55%
  • ·         SiO2 : 8%
  • ·         Al2O3 : 4%
  • ·         S : 0.040%
  • ·         P : 0.035%
Size :
  • ·         00mm to 10mm : 90%
  • ·         10mm and above : 10%
  • ·         Below 150 microns : 40%
Moisture Content : 12%
Quantity : 45,000MT (+/-10% ) every month available
Loading  Rate : 4000Mt to 8000MT PWWD SHINC
Vessel is loaded at anchorage, that’s why performing vessel should be fully geared.
For payment terms and prices do contact us or leave your details below in the comment box.