Bauxite Ore | Al2O3 from India

Bauxite Español: Bauxita pulida
Bauxite Español: Bauxita pulida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Bauxite Ore Lumps


We are traders and suppliers of  Iron Ore fines and Lumps of 52% from Goa, India. We have our own crushing and screening units of capacity min 2000Mt per day of single unit. We are in position to supply on regular terms as per details mention below

  1. Fe : 52%
  2. Rejection : Below 51%
  3. SiO2 : 12%
  4. Al2O3 : 6%
  5. S : 0.040%
  6. P : 0.025%
Size : 00mm to 10mm
Over size : 10% to max 40%
Quantity : 45,000Mt per month
Iron ore Lumps of 52% Fe content is available as per above Chemical specifications only. The size will be of 10mm to 40mm and the under size and over size will be max 10%
Moisture : min 8% to 12%