Fly Ash for Cement Works | F Class

Fly Ash F Class as per ASTM C 618, for Sale, India, Ready stocks, FOR, FOB

Available Silica Sand of purity 99.5% ( Natural)

We offer Natural Silica Sand which is suitable for various products manufacturing and industries. The Natural Silica Sand offered by us is double screened; all the impurities like organic and iron oxides along with aluminum oxides are removed. The screening maintains the accuracy in mesh size.
The natural silica sand is washed and dried before supplying to the clients.
Size available 30 mesh to 80 mesh.
Silica Content ( SiO2) : 98% to 99.5%
Al2O3 : 0.62%
Ferric Oxide : 0.02%
TiO2 : 0.01%
LOI : 0.16%
Color : offset white
Utilization: Can be used in industries for manufacturing refractories, Sand Blasting, Ramming Mass, Pesticides, Oil Drilling, Paint industry, detergent, soap, safety matches, construction, chemicals, abrasives, acid proof flooring, Road works.

Natural Red Oxide Ore Suppliers

Natural Red Oxide Ore Suppliers

We are supplying natural red oxide ore on regular basis from Goa / Maharashtra / Karnataka / Rajasthan. The details are as mention below



    Natural Red Oxide, Fe2O3 Suppliers


  1. Fe2O3 : 70% to 85%
  2. SiO2 : 65 to 8%
  3. Al2O3 : 3.5%
  4. Size : 00mm to 20mm
  5. Quantity : daily supply 1000MT
  6. Packing Loose break Bulk

Also note that we can provide red oxide ore boulders and lumps on demand

For any other details do contact us
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Call us : +91- 97 455 27 006

BHQ Ore Lumps, Banded Hametite Quartz

Oreplus | Suppliers and Service providers of <a class=”zem_slink” href=”” title=”Iron ore” rel=”wikipedia” target=”_blank”></a><a class=”zem_slink” href=”” title=”Iron ore” rel=”wikipedia” target=”_blank”>Iron Ore</a>, Bauxite Ore, <a class=”zem_slink” href=”” title=”Manganese” rel=”wikipedia” target=”_blank”></a><a class=”zem_slink” href=”” title=”Manganese” rel=”wikipedia” target=”_blank”>Manganese Ore</a>, River Sand

BHQ Lumps

Branded Hematite Quartz Iron Ore Lumps for Sale

We supply BHQ Lumps and boulder on regular terms from Goa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The specification of the BHQ lumps is as below

BHQ Lumps

Quantity : 25,000Mt to 50,000Mt every month
Sizes : available as per buyer’s demand

Interested buyer may contact for more details.
To mail us CLICK HERE
Call us : +91-97 455 27 006

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Manganese Ore Fines (Concentrates) Available

Oreplus | Suppliers and Service providers of Iron Ore, Bauxite Ore, Manganese Ore, River Sand

Manganese Ore Fines Suppliers and Service Providers  

We are regularly supplying Manganese Ore Fines as per details mention below

  1. Commodity : Manganese Ore Fines (Washed)

  2. Size : 00mm to 1mm
  3. Mn Content : 20% to 24%
  4. Fe : 15% to 25%
  5. SiO2: 8%
  6. Manganese Ore
  7. Packing : Available both is loose as well as in PP Bags
  8. Color : Black
  9. Origin : Goa / Maharashtra / Karnataka ( INDIA)

The fines is triple washed and free from any other impurities.
Quantity Available : 3000MT to 30,000Mt every month.

If you have any requirement. do contact us.
Call us : +91 – 9745527006

Rock366 : Day 99 : Manganese Ore
Rock366 : Day 99 : Manganese Ore (Photo credit: Hypocentre)
Manganese ore
Manganese ore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Managnese Ore Packing Factory
Manganese Ore Fines ater washing at packing unit

Manganese Ore

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Bauxite Ore Suppliers and Service Provides (Al2O3 44%, Al2O3 46%)


Available Bauxite Ore of Al2O3 48% minimum as per specifications below,

Bauxite Ore Al2O3 40%, Al2O3 45%, Al2O3 44%, Al2O3 50%
Bauxite Ore Lumps
Al2O3 : 48%
•SiO2 : 6% to 8%
•Fe2O3: 10% to 17%
Bauxite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

•Sizes : 00mm to 200mm

TiO2 : 4%
•CaO : 4%
•Moisture : 6%

Quantity Available : 40,000MT on regular supply basis

We have our own stock yard and minimum stock available at our yard is 5000MT. Stocking of the ore is done against confirm purchase order and confirmation of payment terms. The nearest port isJaigad, Maharashtra.

Bauxite Ore Lumps from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Goa, Al2O3 44%, Al2O3 45%, Al2O3 48%, Al2O3 50%
Bauxite Ore Lumps ( Al2O3 )

MBC (Mini Bulk Carrier) of 35000Mt to Ship of 45,000MT can easily be loaded from the port. The shipment of 45K is possible with in 40 days from the confirmation.

We can also supply bauxite ore in other sizes of 10mm to 40mm and 00mm to 100mm.

Buyer with strong financial background is invited. The Inspection of the cargo will be provided after the signing of the agreement.

bauxite (hérault)
bauxite (hérault) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traders and brokers with genuine inquiries’ are also invited. No documents will be submitted before signing of the agreement. We invite the interested parties at our office to verify any kind of document or background before signing the contract.

Kindly submit you queries in the comment box provided below. We surely will reply to all important queries from the genuinebuyers. If possible leave you contact details also in the comment box, in order to make our office to contact you.

To mail us CLICK HERE

Call us : +91- 97 455 27 006

Iron Ore Handling Services for Sourcing, Transporting, Port / Jetty Handling, Vessel Loading


Iron Ore ROM ( Run of Mines )Sourcing and Handling Services


We are providing assistance and consultancy services for procurement of Iron Ore ROM of low grade at Goa, INDIA.

Iron Ore mine at Tom Price, Western Australia ...
Iron Ore mine at Tom Price, Western Australia Deutsch: Eisenerztagebau nahe Tom Price (West Australien) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Jetty off Morfa Used to ferry the iro...
English: Jetty off Morfa Used to ferry the iron ore from the mine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Grades are
1. Fe content : 46%
2. Fe content : 48%
3. Fe content : 50%

Size : 00mm to 300mm max

Standard chemical specification are

Fe      SiO2   Al2O3    P            S
46% 18%     8%        0.040%   0.025%
48% 15%     8%        0.040%   0.025%
50% 14%     7%        0.040%   0.025%

If you are looking for any consultancy and assistance, we are ready to undertake job work from your company for any of the below mention services

1. Sourcing
2. Transporting
3. Stocking
4. Documentation
5. Staff and Office Management
6. Port / Jetty Handling
7. Stevedoring ( by third party )
8. Barge services
9. Vessel arrangements
10. Vessel Loading
11. Shipping Documentations

For Charges and other procurement details Email Us

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