High Bulk Density Iron Ore and High Specific Gravity Iron Ore

We are regular suppliers of Iron Ore of High Specific Gravity and High Bulk Density.

For details check the below test reports

High Specific Gravity iron Ore
Iron Ore Aggregate of High Specific Gravity

high Specific Gravity Iron Ore lumps and fines for small to large counterweight, radiation shielding, ballast, and other needs requiring heavy weight environmental friendly products.

For Specification click on the test report below

 Complete details are available in these test reports for the high bulk density as well as high specific gravity iron ore

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HDA | High Bulk Density / Specific Gravity Iron Ore

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High Density Iron Ore Lumps

We are regular supplier of high density ( high specific Gravity / S.G ) Iron Ore of Origin India. 

Mostly the ore supplier of high SG / Density is magnetite in nature but we also supply hematite ore on demand. The density / Specific gravity of the ore we supply is ranging between 4.5 to 5.1 g/cm3. 

The available   are

  •  00mm to 5mm 
  •  05mm to 20mm 
  •  30mm to 80mm 

These are included in aggregate and more customized sizes as per buyer’s demand is also available.
Beside these sizes we also supply mesh form sizes as mention below

  • 90 Microns 
  • 100 Mesh 
  • 200 Mesh 
  • 300 Mesh 

The chemical standards of the ore varies between 50% Fe content to 65% Fe content and 65% to 85% Fe2O3. 
Kindly contact us for more details on packing, price and supply terms.

High Density Iron Ore Aggregate

High Density Aggregate Iron Ore
HDA Iron Ore is available as per details below
  • ·         Fe : 50% to 56%
  • ·         SiO2 : 8%
  • ·         Al2O3 : 3%
  • ·         Fe2O3 : 80%
  • ·         Specific  Gravity : 4.5 to 5.0
  • ·         Size : 00mm to 40mm
Quantity : 1,000Mt to 25,000Mt every month
Packing : Containers as well as break bulk available
Quality and Quantity Final at load port
Buyer can inspect the cargo before loading.
Material is very suitable for pipe coating, oil and gas industries as well as construction purpose