Fly Ash Suppliers

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We are supplying fly ash from power plants located in Goa and Maharashtra

The specifications of the Fly Ash we supply are as below

1.Fe2O3 : 60% to 70%

2.Fe ( T ) : 38% to 48%

3.FeO : 2.62%

4.Specific Gravity : 3.9 to 4.2 g/cm3


•600 microns : 30% to 40%

•300 microns : 35% to 45%

•above 150 microns : 5% to 10%

•Below 150 microns : 96% to 98%

Quantity available as per buyer’s demand

For more detials do write to us CLICK HERE
Phone : +91- 97 455 27 006

Fly Ash

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