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Jaw Crusher | India

Jaw Crusher on Rent, Jaw Crusher manufacturer,...

Jaw Crushers | India

Jaw crushers are required to crush boulders and lumps of Stone, Rock, Basalt, Iron Ore, Quartz, Granite, Etc.
The Jaw crushers are available of various sizes and types. Jaw crusher productionand crushing capacity depends upon the feed size.
VSI crusher
VSI crusher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The feed size a Jaw crusher can take is ranging from 200mm to 550mm. According to this feed size, the output production will be ranging between 60mm to 120mm.
Some Jaw crushers are available with mechanical adjustment and the production of upt0 40mm to 60mm also can be achieved subjected to feed size.

Mostly Jaw Crushers are used as Primary Crusher and Secondary Crushers are always required in case the aggregate of below 20mm is required.
To separate the dust and sizes below 20mm, portable power screening equipment is also required which is capable of screening minimum three sizes (00mm, 10mm and 20mm)

Jaw Crusher in single stage is best suitable for taking out the production of 00-60mm or 00-80mm mainly known as ‘GSB’.

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Jaw Crusher on Rent, Jaw Crusher for Stone Crusher, Jaw Crusher operators and maintenance

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Crushing and Screening Services | Portable Mobile Crushers and Screeners

Portable Mobile Crushers and Screening services

Our Services includes crushing and screening production in multiple sizes as required by the clients. The charges are on fixed tonnage basis (per ton basis) for a particular job work. The Crushing and Screening Equipments with operating staff are available on rent along with Excavators for Feeding and Wheel Loader with operating staff for loading the crushed material. Clients are also free to utilize their own excavators and wheel loaders which can reduce the costing.

Presently we can provide Mobile Portable Jaw Crushers, Impact Crushers and Screeners. The crushing and screening services are available on charges, which is fixed for a particular quantity and contract period and is based on per ton rates.  The mobile portable crushers and screenersalong with the operating staff is expertise to complete the crushing services as per customers required specifications.

Our mobile portable crushers are capable of crushing all kindly of minerals and ore like Iron Ore, Bauxite Ore, Manganese Ore, Lime Stone, Coal, Dolomite, Stone, Gravel / Aggregates, etc along with construction waste like concrete, bricks, and screening the rubble to produce aggregates.

Interested clients do contact us for more details

Portable Mobile Crushers, Screeners for Iron Ore, Bauxite Ore, Coal, Aggregates, Stone, Gravel, Lime Stone, Sand Stone, Basalt

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Screening Equipments & Rental Services | Power Screeners on Rent / Hire

Portable Mobile Screeners available on rent for screening, metal waste, sand, gravel, aggregates, stone quarry dust, minerals, ores, coal screening, iron ore screening, bauxite screening, construction rubble screening, soil screening

PowerScreener on Rent / Hire

For Screening Sand, Aggregates, Quarry dust, Top Soil, Minerals, Ores, Coal, Sponge Iron, and Construction Rubble.

Power Screeners are capable of screening 25 TPH to 200 TPH per day which makes it suitable for small works to large job works for screening sand, minerals, ores, metal waste, aggregates, Gravels, quarry dust, rubble etc. 

Power Screening Equipments on Rent, Screening Services for sand, soil, quarry dust, aggregates, gravels, metals waste, construction waste

The Power Screeners are portable mobile and can be installed at any safe location near the stock which is required to be screened. There is no installation required for these portable mobile power screeners.
The Power Screeners are most technically advanced and saves lots of time and money due to its portability. The Power screener works on Genset or external electric power.

For details do contact us

Cone Crusher | Mobile Crusher Services

Mobile Cone Crusher

Picture source :
The Cone Crusher is in highest demand as secondary crusher as stone crushing equipment, for producing high quality aggregates for road works and construction. Railway sector is also demanding cone crushers for the production of aggregates. With the huge development taking place in infra sectors like construction of roads, canals, dams, railway sector, land development etc, the quality of the stone aggregate or gravel also matters which cannot be produced with general crushers. The general crushers produce flaky aggregates which are always rejected for concrete works.
With the help of cone crusher, uniform and controlled product size can be obtained which is best suitable for concrete works like for all kind of infra sector works.
The mobile Cone crushers are economical with low running costs, fuel efficient energy saving, and can be widely utilized as secondary or middle crusher for crushing hard rock / stones for infrastructures and railways works.

Mobile Cone Crushers has its widely applications for ore / minerals crushing, rock crushing and processing and is always the first choice due to the decisive role in the quality of finished product.

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Before selecting and buying cone crushers or taking them on rent, few points always to be consider making it more economical along with work efficient. First of all always check for the feed size you are going to provide to the Cone Crusher as a secondary or middle stage crusher. The large or over size feeds will reduce the production and increase the costing. The oversize and unequal feed size results in heavy pressures on bearing, this heavy pressure on bearing rises power consumption. The Cone crusher should have the option for separating the metals or foreign particles.

Cone Crusher liners also a important part and before choosing the liner check for the wear resistance and the power consumption along with output. The liner should be selected keeping in mind the feed size and hardness of the material to be crushed.

We provide complete consultancy and assistance is purchase, operating, handling and maintaining of mobile cone crushing units. Interested clients are invited to hire our services for purchase and handling of their crushing units.

Iron Ore of Cement Grade, India

Cement Grade Iron Ore fines

We are suppliers of Cement Grade Iron Ore Fines from Goa / Maharashtra / MP / Rajasthan. The details are as below

Iron Ore of Cement Grade
Iron Ore for Cement Manufacturing
1.Fe (t) : 50%

2.Fe2O3 : 65% to 75%
3.Size : 00mm to 10mm

4.Quantity : As per buyer’s Demand

5.Transport to be arranged by buyer

6.Delivery Terms : Ex-Plot Seller’s Yard basis

7.Daily loading capacity : 1000 MT to 2000 MT

Kindly drop your requirement details along with your complete contact details in the comment box below
Hematite: the main iron ore in Brazilian mines
Hematite: the main iron ore in Brazilian mines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Kudremukha Iron Ore Company logo
Kudremukha Iron Ore Company logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

High Density Iron Ore Aggregate

High Density Aggregate Iron Ore

HDA Iron Ore is available as per details below

  • ·         Fe : 50% to 56%
  • ·         SiO2 : 8%
  • ·         Al2O3 : 3%
  • ·         Fe2O3 : 80%
  • ·         Specific  Gravity : 4.5 to 5.0
  • ·         Size : 00mm to 40mm
Quantity : 1,000Mt to 25,000Mt every month

Packing : Containers as well as break bulk available

Quality and Quantity Final at load port

Buyer can inspect the cargo before loading.

Material is very suitable for pipe coating, oil and gas industries as well as construction purpose