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Coal Screening Equipments and Rental Services

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Coal Screening Services

We provide complete coal screening solutions. Our services include handling of coal, screening of coal and transporting to required destination.

Our screening services consist of new generation horizontal screens with multiple stage screening decks. The screening equipments are portable mobile screenersand don’t require any installation. These screeners can be installed at the coal stock sites and saves time and money.

Our screening units are available with the screening capacity of
a)    50 tons per hours
Anthracite coal, a high value rock from easter...
Anthracite coal, a high value rock from eastern Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
b)    100 Tons per hours
c)    150 tons per hour

The coal feed sizes which screener can be fed are
1)    40mm
2)    100mm
3)    150mm

The screening equipment consists of vibrators screening decks, supporting devices and conveyors which operate on its own power backed by diesel generators.

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A coal mine in Wyoming, United States. The Uni...
A coal mine in Wyoming, United States. The United States has the world's largest coal reserves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fe Content 56% Iron Ore; Origin India

Iron Ore of Grade 56% Fe content of Origin India

Regualr Supply of Iron Ore of Grade Fe 56% is available as per details mention below

Iron Ore Stocking
  • ·         Fe : 56%
  • ·         Rejection Below : 55%
  • ·         SiO2 : 8%
  • ·         Al2O3 : 4%
  • ·         S : 0.040%
  • ·         P : 0.035%
Size :
  • ·         00mm to 10mm : 90%
  • ·         10mm and above : 10%
  • ·         Below 150 microns : 40%
Moisture Content : 12%

Quantity : 45,000MT (+/-10% ) every month available

Loading  Rate : 4000Mt to 8000MT PWWD SHINC

Vessel is loaded at anchorage, that’s why performing vessel should be fully geared.

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Iron Ore Fines Fe 53%


Iron Ore Fines are available on regular supply terms as per the details mention below

  • Fe 53% 
  • Rejection below : 52%
  • SiO2 : 9%
  • Al2O3 : 6%
  • P : 0.040%
  • S : 0.025%
  • 00mm to 10mm: 90%
  • above 10mm : 10%
  • below 150 microns : 40%
Rock366 : Day 101 : Iron Ore
Rock366 : Day 101 : Iron Ore (Photo credit: Hypocentre)
Quantity : 45,000MT every month

Loading rate : 4000MT to 8000MT PWWD
Loading Port : Major Ports India

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Iron Ore Handling Services at India | Transportation, Stevedore, Jetty Plots, Barge Loading, Ship Loading Services

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Ore Handling Services

Bauxite Ore | Al2O3 from India

Bauxite Español: Bauxita pulida
Bauxite Español: Bauxita pulida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bauxite Ore India, Al2O3 in bauxite Ore, Alumina ore, mining, Shipment, FOB, FOR, Brazil, Indonesia, Jamaica, Haiti, Conakry,
Bauxite Ore Lumps

Iron Ore 50% Fe Content

We are regular suppliers of Iron Ore Fines for Exports 

The details are as below
    Iron Ore Fines suppliers, Iron Ore Fe 50%, Fe 48%
    Iron Ore Stocks
  1. Fe : 50%
  2. Size : 00mm to 10mm
  3. Quantity : 40,000MT (+/-10%)
  4. Location Goa
  5. Delivery Terms : Loaded on Barges or Along Side Ship
  6. Daily Supply : Min 5000Mt to 8000MT
  7. Origin : Goa
  8. Moisture : 12%
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Bauxite Ore Fines | Sales and Services

Bauxite Ore of Origin India, Ready stock, Loaded on Ship, FOB terms, FOR terms, Daily dumping, RTGS, Jaigad Port, Loaded on Rake, Okha Port, Porbander

Bauxite Ore Fines

BauxiteOre Fines available as per details mention below
1.    Al2O3 Content : 45%, 46%, 48%, and 50%
2.    Size : 00mm to 10mm
3.    Quantity : minimum 10,000Mt to 50,000Mt
4.    Origin : Gujarat and Maharashtra (INDIA)
5.    Nearest Port : West CoastIndia Ports
6.    First Shipment : within 30days

The Bauxite Ore fines is produced during the screening of Bauxite Ore Lumps in crushers. The quality of the bauxite ore is strictly as per the standards mentioned above.
Prices will be subjected to the quality and quantity of the bauxite ore

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Bauxite Ore Suppliers, Mine Owners, Ready Stocks