Mobile Crusher for Dolomite Crushing

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Mobile Crushers are available for crushing Dolomite Lumps also. The mobile crushers are available in primary stage, 2 stage and 3 stage crushers with crushing capacity of 100TPH and 200TPH.
Production sizes can be any three sizes ( 00mm, 10mm and 20mm)
The maximum feed size which the mobile crusher can take is 250mm to 350mm. If the lumps are above these sizes then breaker is required to break them. The breaking cost will be extra charged.
The feeding in the crusher will be done with the help of Pocklain / Hitachi buckets and the feeding machine to be provided by the hirer. If we have to do the feeding then the feeding charges will be extra to crushing charges.
Also to be noted that loading of the crushed material will be hirer account, if the loading is in our scope then will be charges extra.

Above this all the hirer has to bring the feed size lumps to the site where the crusher is installed. If the transport is in our scope then will be charged extra separately to crushing charges.

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