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Iron Ore Old Dumps Recycling and Recovery

Recycling of Iron Ore Dumps

Recovering Iron Ore from Iron Ore Waste Dumps.

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Iron Ore Waste Dumps

India is third largest supplier of Iron Ore and the ore is available from lower Fe Content to Higher Fe Content.
Most of the low grade / Low Fe Content Iron Ore is Exported in form of fines, lumps and ROM.
Cureently huge stocks of iron ore is lying as waste dumps which were recovered during mining process and got mixed up or contaminated with other impurities. These waste dumps are lying in huge stocks around the mining regions in India. These dumps can be processed and valuable iron ore can be recovered for export purposes. Some waste dumps contains high grade iron ore boulders also which were were in past were not accepted for metal processing but with the modification of steel making technology and other applications of iron ore in various industries, these low grade and high grade iron ore can be process / recyled and supplied.

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We are also supplier for all low grades like

Fe content 45%, Fe Content 48%, Fe Content 50%, Fe Content 52%, Fe Content 54%, Fe Content 56%
  • Iron Ore Fe 57%
  • iron Ore Fe 58%
  • Iron Ore from Goa
  • Iron Ore 45%
  • Iron Ore Fe 46%
  • Iron Ore Fe 47%
  • Iron Ore Fe 48%
  • Iron Ore Fe 49%s
  • Iron Ore Fe 50%
  • Iron Ore Fe 51%
  • Iron Ore Fe 52%
  • Iron Ore Fe 53%
  • Iron Ore Fe 54%
  • Iron Ore Fe 55%
  • Iron Ore Fe 56%
  • Iron Ore Fe 57%
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